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Whether you are just starting a couch to 10k program, chasing a qualifying time for the Olympic marathon, enjoying time on your bike around Rivington, or playing tennis, you want to perform your best and be free of injury. Footwear needs to the meet the requirements, common issues such as flat feet (over pronation) and other altered foot mechanics all have a significant impact on the rest of the body which can lead to injury. Common injuries can  be achilles tendinpathy, knee and hip pain, even lower back pain to name a few.      
You may have even tried orthotics before, unfortunately there is a lot of guess work with off the shelf orthotics,  the casting options have untill recently been the goto process, however they take a static imprint, not always ideal, however the left and right foot often need slightly different support when analysed dynamically, A gait analysis using our Footscan® analysis  provides you with scientifically backed, but easily understandable images of your feet. Accurately analysing and translating your movement, can help to prevent injury and increase the efficiency of your movement when you’re playing your sport.  

Unique to you for a better performance..

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Would youlike to see how a Gait Analysis with the latest technlogy using 8000 pressure sensors sees your feet as you walk or run over the FootScan?

This exact information is just a small representation of the data available…

Customised Orthotic From 3D Gait Analysis
Gait Analysis And Custom Orthotics Bolton

A major role of orthotics is to stabilise the foot mechanics and give support through its motion, utilising the latested in material design a Phits custom orthotic is produced to allow the dynamic movement.

The two images demonstrate the value and precision of a Gait Analysis that is based on science, the pressure is represented in colour and shape (second figure). As you can see the weight distribution is far greater on the right foot, this information and direct connection to the manufacturing process utilising cutting edge technology,  3D Print takes away the guess work of trying to make a regualr orthotic precise to your foot,  it demonstrates that dynamic movement each foot requires a slightly different orthotic structure, matching this will assist in optimising performance and help reduce the risk of injury.

Our Phits orthotics are 3D printed at Materialise, the global leader in 3D printing, combine this with Footscan the most accurate measurement unit in the world! 

Helping you improve your game…

Custom Orthotics for Golf


Your interaction with the ground is vital and will be significantly influenced by the biomechanics and stability of your feet. Custom fitted orthotics in golf will align and position your feet in the optimal position, restoring your posture to guide and coordinate your best swing. Coaches regularly express you build a swing ‘from the ground up’.
Custom Orthotics for walking shoes


Custom orthotics in walking boots can assist in a more efficient stride reducing fatigue and aches, by positioning your foot into a neutral state and align your foot, ankle and knee in a straight line. Better function and support allows better absorbtion and dissipate force evenly. With a balanced and supported foot, you will be able to walk for longer in greater comfort.


When it comes to running, orthotics not only  Improve gait abnormalities, they can help stabilise and improve alignment throughout the body, not just in your feet. When your feet are properly aligned as they strike the ground, it helps the rest of your lower body including legs, hips, and back, work in proper alignment, this is proven to contribute to injury prevention.

The Process

Phits 3D Orthotics at Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic
Custom Orthotics Bolton
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Phits Orthotics for Sports and everyday use
Step 1: Footscan® and analysis
After a full clinical examination you will scanned and analysed using our dynamic footscan® system.
Step 2: Design and 3D printing
Using this data, the footscan® system will generate a design. This design will be adapted to your specific needs using the advice of your Orthotist. A 3D printer will then transform the design into ultralight insoles.
Step 3: Quality control and delivery
fter a final quality check, you will come for a fitting appointment to try on your Phits, and provide your body with the perfect balance with each step.
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