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Coronavirus Covid 19 Tests

Coronavirus  Blood TestsThere are two tests for the Coronavirus Covid 19.. Antigen Test Antibody Test There are two tests for the Coronavirus Covid 19, knowing the difference can help. Source; NHS Antigen Test  If you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), you can...

Needs Analysis And Pain management

Needs Analysis! Ok what is it all about? It seems to be the buzz word at the moment, If you look at a definition it may look like this; Needs Analysis is a formal, systematic process of identifying and evaluating the presenting health issue, treatment required along...

Lessons From A 5 Year Old

I’d thought I’d share with you  a quick story about what I learnt from my son Aaron 5 years and I reckon a few people who see me will definitely relate to this.Like many people I take my turn making tea for the family and this week was no exception, I fancied a nice...

Vitamin D The Sunshine Vitamin

This post is about one of the most popular subjects that come's out with the weather, though often more so in the winter,  yes you might have guessed it vitamin D.  Vitamin D A hot subject at the current moment and one that really does get mentioned quite a lot within...

  • 5 star review  Francis has done a brilliant job on the pain in my right leg and lower back. After years of being dismissed by the NHS and taking a lot of pain killers I finally feel we are getting to the root of the problem and the pain is becoming less noticeable everyday. Thank you 😊 X

    thumb Laura Roberts
  • 5 star review  A lovely, knowledgable osteopath who made me feel at ease straight away. Worked on my back for at least 40 mins on the initial consultation. Brilliant service! Already booked in my next 3 appointments! Thank you

    thumb Nilufar Patel
  • 5 star review  Friendly and professional service, I had been in pain for last 10 days I came here and got it sorted in one session, Awesome work!! I can't recommend this place enough !!

    thumb Karen Greenwood
  • 5 star review  Over did it in the gym with dead lifts which caused me lower back pain and difficulty moving round. I went for a sports massage with Gary who fixed it in one session. Excellent work Thanks Gary!

    thumb Kishor Patel
  • 5 star review  Francis was great. He has sorted my slipped disc a few years ago. He gave me exercises to do that meant I could reduce the treatment needed and increase my mobility. Now sorting my shoulder. Problem RSI.

    thumb Mark Arrowsmith
  • 5 star review  Feeling much better after being manipulated today, no more pain , excellent service as usual

    thumb Lynne Rhodes
  • 5 star review  Fantastic professional treatments. Love the booking appointments online option. Friendly, dedicated staff would recommend 100%.

    thumb Jill Farrimond
  • 5 star review  First came to see Frances years ago with a back injury. After that initial visit he is always my first thought when I have a mobility problem. Professional, courteous yet friendly is how I would describe the service here. I have recommended to others who are now regular clients.

    thumb Wendy Speight
  • 5 star review  Excellent service and sports massage! Had knots in my back for a while, Susan talked me through the medical reasoning throughout, was very chatty and put me at ease! Would recommend to anyone, all knots have gone and feel much better!

    thumb Ashley Southern
  • 5 star review  Fantastic very professional and felt comfortable throughout my treatments. I have had back problems for a long time and since I have been going to see Francis I have been very happy. I do recommend stretches by Francis at home plus a treatment every 4-8 weeks depending on my lifestyle and I have not had as many problems with my back anymore. Unlike other places I have been that just do stretches with you and use an ultrasound machine, Francis is very hands on and you feel like you had a good treatment. I would highly recommend this clinic

    thumb Sassie Clough