Neck Pain

Assessment, Treatment and Recovery

Neck pain Treatment

Neck pain is the most common condition next to back pain, it can refer pain to the shoulders and arms and can be related to headaches.

Most common neck conditions are:

•Cervical issues such as posture
•This condition is recognised by a protruding chin and rounded shoulders.
•Symptoms can be a burning or aching feeling across the neck and shoulders.
•The cause of this can be maintaining one position for a long period of time.
•Acute Wry Neck Pain
•The condition is very painful, symptoms include a sudden sharp feeling in the neck and limitation of movement.
•It is commonly caused by a sudden quick movement.
•Neck pain as common as it is, can be very complicated to treat due to the vast influences on the body and neck, such as movement (exercise/activity) posture, pathology, accident and traumas.
•Treatment can involve some of the following depending on the findings and causative factors; massage, manipulation, soft tissue work, joint mobilisation exercise for mobility, flexibility and strength. With neck pain there is no one size fits all with an assessment and diagnosis crucial for treatment and management.

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